Non‐woven belts ESWB FVV


Non‐woven belts ESWB FVV

Non-woven nylon fabric on an open textile backing with in-built grinding agent. For a metallically pure finish. For deburring, matting and finishing any stainless steel and steel components. Produces a uniform decorative finish on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

Processable material: Stainless steel, Steel, Aluminium / non ferrous metals, Titanium, Plastics / Composite material
Operating mode: Satin finishing, Fine grinding
Abrasive type: Abrasive belts

C = coarse, M = medium, VF = very fine

Dimensions (mm) Grain Size Colour Part No.
90 x 100 C Brown 90896800
M Red 90896900
VF Blue 90897000
100 x 100 C Brown 90874200
M Red 90874300
VF Blue 90874400


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