SUN-Press Unitized Non-Woven Abrasives


SUN-Press Unitized non-woven abrasives

For all deburring, cleaning, blending and finishing needs up to pre-polishing. Time and cost saving: one work step only from grinding weld seams to perfect, shiny surfaces. Efficient and long service life on every material, especially stainless steel, titanium and aluminum.

Processable material:Stainless steel, Steel, Aluminium / non ferrous metals, Titanium, Plastics / Composite material
Operating mode: Fine grinding, Cleaning
Abrasive type:Abrasive discs plane use
Grain type: Silicon carbide


Diameter (mm) Grain Size Application Item No.
115 2SF Light cleaning, corrosion removal, blending, polishing. 913462
115 6SF Medium hard: Deburring, removal of grinding patterns, heavy cleaning. 909803
115 8AM Heavy deburring, very heavy cleaning, removal of small weld seams. 913485




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