Ceramic abrasive belts ESWB CE-11


Ceramic abrasive belts ESWB CE-11

Performs impressively when processing very hard surfaces on account of aggressive grinding and a very long service life in diverse applications. With additional active grinding layer: reduces the temperature in the grinding zone. Suitable for stainless steel, superalloys, non-ferrous metals and aluminium.

Processable material: Stainless steel, Steel, Aluminium / non ferrous metals, Titanium
Operating mode: Rough- / Intermediate grinding
Abrasive type: Abrasive belts
Grain type: Ceramic grain


Dimensions (mm) Grain Size (Grit) Part No.
100 x 100 40 91338600
100 x 100 60 91337100
100 x 100 80 91337200
100 x 100 120 91337300




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